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EasyDRAIN Rainwater Pit Case


Rainwater Pits are designed as a drainage collection point as a standalone or for connection to the EasyDRAIN Channel and Grate system.

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EasyDRAIN Rainwater Pit Case

Drainage Rainwater Pit

EasyDRAIN Rainwater Pit Case made in Australia, from 100% recycled polymer, Rainwater Pits are a sustainable and eco-friendly drainage choice for homeowners and installers. Designed to be the collection point under garden taps, downpipes or any location where surface water collects and is not exposed to vehicular traffic.

With a 280mm depth for the Rainwater Pit, these pits can be installed by themselves or can be connected to EasyDRAIN drainage systems. Available with a range of different grates to suit multiple applications including walkways, landscaped areas and various outdoor spaces.

With an 18L capacity, 257 Length x 257 Width x 275mm Height.

**Flo-way Grates are available for pits – sold separately.