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  • Wooden Peg or Timber Peg

Timber Pegs

Supplied in 600mm & 900mm lengths.

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Timber Pegs

Hardwood Stakes 50 x 50

Timber pegs are used during in form-work to hold it firmly in place whilst you pour a concrete slab.
They can also be used for raised garden beds, sandpits and fencing at home.

Pegs; used during formwork for support.

Ensuring that your formwork is in place and level, hammer in wooden pegs at 100cm intervals on the outside of the formwork to hold it firmly in place whilst you pour your slab. The supporting pegs should be driven a good six inches into the ground and the planks (formwork) nailed to the pegs to prevent them falling over while the concrete cures. For an easier screeding process, cut the tops of the pegs flush with the top of the formwork.