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Prime Evaploc Concentrate


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Prime Evaploc

Retain Water

Prime Evaploc is a water soluble liquid when sprayed on curing concrete, it creates a plastic film to delay water evaporation in setting concrete.
This greatly reduces the chances of plastic shrinking (known as hairline cracks) while making the concrete more workable for an extended period.

The distinctive fluro green coloured concentrate allows for an easy and even product distribution over the concrete surface.

For further information on product benefits, clean up, application and TDS follow the link.


Mix 1LT of Evaploc concentrate with 9LT of water.
10LT of diluted Evaploc will cover approximately 50m² of concrete with one coat.
For easy application use an OX Concrete Sprayer, Chapin Concrete Sprayer or any garden sprayers.
Apply the first coat of diluted Evaploc once you have screeded and bull floated the concrete. A second coat is then applied after finishing the concrete. This coat is to be applied once the surface has cured enough that the product will not pit the concrete surface but before a crust has formed.