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Home Nutech Silicon Sealer – water repelling
  • Nutech Silicon Sealer

Nutech Silicon Sealer – water repelling

Available in various sizes;
1LT, 2LT, 4LT, 10LT & 20LT

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Nutech Silicon Sealer

Single Pack

Nutech Silicon Sealer has been developed for alkaline and non-alkaline building materials to impart water repellency to absorbent materials.
The sealer is solvent dilutable and produces rapid surface water repellency resulting in a beading effect within a few hours and complete cures within 24 hours.

Nutech Silicon Sealer is perfect for exposed concrete driveways, it is also suitable for Masonry and Terracotta substrates.

Silicon Sealer appears a clear, slightly cloudy liquid although dries clear with a non glossy, non-yellowing finish. It has excellent penetration and is fast drying.
Application is suitable by sprayer, brush, broom or roller and should be applied in saturation without pressure in several (2-4) coats.

For further information on product application and properties, follow the TDS