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  • 10lt PaveCoat Nutech Thinners

Nutech PaveCoat Thinners


PaveCoat Thinners (also know as Concrete Solvent) is supplied in 10LT pails.

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Nutech PaveCoat Thinners

Concrete Solvent

Nutech PaveCoat Thinners is specifically designed for use in a variety Nutech PaveCoat products, such as, Nutech PaveCoat Clear Sealer and Nutech PaveCoat Coloured Sealer to maximise flow, gloss and surface penetration.
Also known as Concrete Solvent, Nutech PaveCoat Thinners is used for solubility in the first coat of concrete sealing at a minimum of 20% to deeply penetrate into the concrete pores allowing the straight second coat to bond and adhere to.