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  • By admin

ICR Concrete Supplies also has a range of waterproofing products with products such as Bostik that provides Waterproof sealants for interior and exterior waterproofing.

Waterproofing Sealants

From jobs around the home to waterproof sealing for foundations, basement damp proofing and swimming pools – we’ve got you covered.

Construction Sealants Wollongong

No matter what the size or shape of your project, Bostik sealant products are specially formulated to prevent the migration or rise of moisture to extend the duration and improve the durability of your construction build.

Cementitious sealant 

Our cementitious sealants are ideal for working with swimming pools, basements other interior or exterior assemblies composed of tiling or tile-based substrates. We also produce cementitious products that are formulated specifically to combat positive water pressure.

Silyl modified polymer (SMP)

Our SMPs are acid-free and perfect for a wide range of waterproofing needs. Our silylated modified polymers are capable of bonding to the same variety of substrates as a standard silicone sealant, but possess a much higher bond and peel strength.

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