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Home How to Stencil concrete. What colours and patterns are available? (Updated 2018)
How to Stencil concrete. What colours and patterns are available? (Updated 2018)

Stenciled Concrete is a popular low cost alternative to laying real stones, pavers, tiles or bricks.

With a huge range of colour and pattern combinations available, this non-slip surface of Stenciled concrete is almost totally maintenance free.

Stenciled Concrete

Picture of a stenciled drvieway

Stenciled concrete exhibits realistic-looking grey “mortar joints”. These are created by the stencils masking off the plain grey concrete underneath.   However if you do not like the “mortar joints” then another popular option is applying a base colour of choice and then stencilling.

Before the job begins, a base colour (If you do not want plain grey “mortar joints”) secondary colour, and pattern are chosen.

Stencil Concrete Patterns

Manufactured from Australian premium grade stencil board, AD-TEX, stocked by ICR stencils patterns are computer cut using state of the art rotary die cutting machinery ensuring you a perfect pattern match from roll to roll.


Stenciled Concrete

Picture of rolls of stencil

Custom logos and feature designs can also be incorporated.  Rolls of stencil can come in a variety of patterns such as brick, cobblestone, flagstone and tile.

Stenciled Concrete Patterns

Stencils come in a lot of patterns and styles such as brick, cobblestone, flagstone and tile.


Laying the stencil

Concrete is poured, screed, floated and edged as normal.  Ensure the surface is free of excess bleed water then steel trowel or bullfloat the entire area. Other accessories to make this project easier includes a clip together telescopic handle, a walking trowel and a cove trowel.

Because the strips are die-cut, much like aligning wallpaper, each stencil strip must be perfectly aligned in a specific manner to ensure pattern connection.

You can view the basic steps here

Concrete Colours Available

Coloured concrete come in 28 colours.

Concrete Colours

28 Decorative concrete colours


New Concrete

Concrete Colours

For new/fresh concrete you will need a dry shake colour hardener.  A dry shake colour hardener is a powdered mixture of pigments, sand, cement and wetting agents, packaged in bags or pails.  Not only will it give the new/fresh concreted area a decorative colour it will also harden the surface to protect against wear and abrasion.

For more product and application information click here.

Resurfacing Existing Concrete

If you are revitalising existing concrete you will need a resurfacing compound, AD-Tex T5 spray-on.

Concrete Colours

For more product and application information click here.

If you do not want plain grey “mortar joints” you would apply a base coat before laying the stencil.

Sealing your concrete

Once decorative concrete or new concrete colours are finished the best way to keep them looking great is to seal and protect their surface.

Concrete Sealer

ICR concrete supplies and Wollongong Waterproofing supplies both operate in the Illawarra and stock large ranges of tools and products for both tradies and domestic D.I.Y projects.

Please browse our extensive range of products for stencilling concrete including coloured concrete, concrete sealer, mesh and concrete tools.

If there is something you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us for the best advice.

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