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Home Concrete Tools needed for laying concrete (Updated 2018)
Concrete Tools needed for laying concrete (Updated 2018)

ICR concrete supplies, based in the Illawarra stock a huge range of concrete tools and materials for your next concreting project.  Below is a basic list of must-have concrete tools recommended for any home improvement project that involves laying concrete.

Concrete tools

Small garden barrows with metal wheels are not suitable for this work.  ICR Concrete Supplies stock Moss barrows which are intended for industrial users.

Concrete Tools

Square-mouthed shovels ideal for mixing, shifting, loading and spreading heavy or wet materials such as concrete.

concrete tools

Screeds are light, easy to use hand tools for levelling freshly laid concrete.

Concrete tools

Floats are used to level, smooth surfaces or fill in areas with voids. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Smaller hand floats are used to work much smaller areas.


Concrete Tools


Bull floats are used to work large surface areas of concrete.

Concrete Tools


It may be necessary to purchase handles for bull floats separately, along with bracket assemblies which allow for easy swiveling or handling of the float over large surface areas.

Concreting tools

Trowels are used after a float to finish the slab and create a hard-concrete surface. Trowels look very similar to hand floats but they have a thinner blade with an open handle.   Most concreters agree that a wide assortment of trowel sizes is valuable as you can to adjust to the various types of concrete applications and settings.

Concreting tools

Edgers are used to create smooth joints and to edge the outside perimeter of the concrete slab. They are crucial in making the slab resistant to damage such as edge chipping and breaks.

Concreting tools

Fresno’s are placed on long extension handles to prevent the need to walk on the concrete slab and marking the concrete. They allow for huge concrete surface areas to be finished.
The above concreting tools are considered must-haves for people doing any type of extensive work with concrete.  It is recommended that you purchase most tools in a variety of sizes to provide much needed flexibility when working on concrete projects.

At ICR Concrete Supplies our aim is to supply reinforcing steel, mesh and quality concreting tools for all concreting projects.

If there is something you are looking for please browse our products online or pop into Wollongong, Albion Park, Shellharbour or our Mittagong store for the best advice.

TIP:  Make sure after every concreting project you apply a good concrete sealer.


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