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Home Concrete sealer, How to seal decorative or coloured concrete (Updated 2018)
Concrete sealer, How to seal decorative or coloured concrete (Updated 2018)

ICR Concrete Supplies and Wollongong Waterproofing both operate in the Illawarra and stock large ranges of tools and products for both tradies and domestic D.I.Y projects. We provide the best advice, backed with experience.

Why use a concrete sealer?

It is recommended to use a good concrete sealer on concreting projects to provide a protective layer which decreases the wear on your concrete or decorative concrete surface. As well as giving your surface a longer life span, the end result gives your concrete an immaculate finish while making surfaces easier to clean and maintain.

Concrete Sealer

ICR Concrete Supplies stock both our own brand, Duram and Nutech concrete sealer.

Different kinds of sealers include clear, high-gloss & matt, same day application, coloured and slip resistant.

Different types of concrete sealer and what are they used for?

Acrylic Sealers for concrete

Solvent base Acrylic Sealers will protect and enhance the surface and colour of your concrete and are commonly used on concrete projects such as paving, driveways, patio areas and pool surrounds.

Best results are achieved with two coats on most surfaces.

ICR concrete supplies, the decorative concrete centre stocks Nutech PaveCoat which provides a good-looking finish for both new and old concrete and is available in 36 colours.  PaveCoat may also be custom tinted to any colour you require and comes in a choice of finishes including low sheen, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

Polyurethane Sealers for concrete

Polyurethane sealers are transparent and can be used on both interior and exterior concrete. Nearly twice as thick as Acrylic sealers, ICR concrete supplies stock Nutech.  This is a superior grade sealer which can be used on all surfaces from domestic applications such as driveways, internal flooring and garage floors.  The coating provides excellent hardness and scuff resistance, designed for a wide variety of applications including commercial and industrial floors and walls.

Designed as a 2 coat system.

Epoxy Sealers for concrete

Epoxy Sealers is often a two part sealer mixed before application.

ICR Concrete Supplies stock Nutech EPiC Epoxy recommended for internal use only as Epoxy fades and yellows when exposed to UV rays.

With an epoxy concrete sealer you can achieve a mid level sheen or a high gloss look to the concrete it’s applied to. A high gloss epoxy sealer looks great on countertops and interior coloured concrete floors.

Epoxy Sealer is great for repelling water, Nutech Epoxy 100 provides excellent chemical and waterproof protection against fats, oils, fuels and salt solutions.

Mixed with Silica it can also provide a non-slip epoxy floor.

Penetrating Sealers for concrete

This sealer penetrates deeply into the surface and protects against water absorption. Penetrating sealers are invisible protection that does not change the appearance or increase the slippiness of a surface.  Wollongong Waterproofing supplies stocks Durum S900, Clear, Non-Glossy, Penetrative Sealer and Waterproofing Liquid.

Recommended for waterproofing brick walls, garage walls and retaining walls, it is used also to seal and waterproof external concrete, cement, cement render, face brick, block walls, sandstone, porous pavers and other porous surfaces.

Sealing decorative or coloured concrete

Once decorative concrete floors or new concrete colours are finished the best way to keep them looking great is to seal and protect their surface.

It is essential that your decorative concrete surface is resealed regularly to lock in the colour, protect the surface and maintain its glossy appeal.

ICR concrete supplies recommend Nutech Pavecoat, an acrylic sealer to help produce an attractive surface that is easier to clean and maintain.

Nutech PaveCoat as it provides excellent adhesion, weather and waterproofing protection with a hardwearing surface with the versatility of 36 colours and the option for a custom tint to any colour you require with finishes including low sheen, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

Nutech PaveCoat concrete sealer can be used for all types of concrete including:

  • Paving
  • Driveways
  • Factories
  • Workshop floors
  • Service Stations
  • Tilt slab construction
  • Asbestos and cement sheeting
  • Slate flooring
  • Concrete roof tiles.

PaveCoat UV Clear and colours are recommended for:

  • Plain concrete
  • Pattern paving
  • Stamped impression paving
  • Stencil paving
  • Spray on finish paving.

ICR concrete supplies recommends resealing every 18-24 months for the best protection of your concrete by continuing to provide a protective layer that helps stop dirt becoming ingrained and helps achieve a fresh, clean look.

At ICR Concrete Supplies our aim is to supply the best products and materials for concrete, decorative concrete and concrete finishes for all concreting projects. If there is something you are looking for please browse our products and do not hesitate to contact us for the best advice.

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